Manly Terminal

Manly Terminal is an 82 acre site consisting of liquid storage tanks and a transload complex containing one 3-million gallon tank for ethanol storage and transloading, two 1-million gallon tanks for denaturant or other liquid products, storage and transloading for sulfuric acid, caustic soda, methanol, and other chemicals. Direct rail-to-truck or truck-to-rail transloading for corn oil, propane, fertilizers, and many other commodities.

Adjacent to Manly Terminal is Manly Yard which is a classification yard with a capacity of over 700 cars to support the terminal.

The terminal has over 20 acres dedicated to a wind turbine component distribution center operated by Union Pacific Distribution Services. Many wind farms are built in the upper Midwest and Iowa Northern is committed to providing the best service in the industry for components that are railed into the region to be erected at wind farms providing clean, renewable energy for utility customers all over the country.


  • Liquid storage and transloading for biofuels industries

  • Ethanol and corn oil

  • Chemical storage and transloading

  • Wind turbine component distribution center

Winn-Worth Betco

Iowa Northern works closely with “Winn-Worth Betco” (Winnebago-Worth Counties Betterment Council) which is a two-county economic development office serving the counties and communities therein in the interests of business recruitment & retainment, housing, community development, and tourism. Winn-Worth Betco works directly with companies looking at sites and buildings to locate or expand, and can answer questions to determine whether our sites and buildings meet your needs. Manly Logistics Park and the Manly Terminal area are a primary focus for development by Winn-Worth Betco. There have been investments made in infrastructure development, planning, engineering, and design work to continually best serve potential companies locating on these parcels.