Our People

Daniel R. Sabin


Contact 319-297-6000 x101

Freeda Muhl

Executive Asst. to the President

Contact 319-297-6000 x100

Mark A. Sabin

Senior Vice President

Contact 641-816-5870 x320

Scott T. Bannister

Vice President & General Counsel

Contact 319-297-6000 x103

William Magee

General Manager

Contact 319-233-9702 x201

Mark Vaughn

Asst. General Manager/Regulatory & Safety Officer

Contact 641-816-5870 x321

Amy Homan

Director of Carload Marketing

Contact 319-297-6000 x110

William Rhodes

Director of Reload Marketing

Contact 319-297-6000 x111

Joshua D. Sabin

Director of Administration

Contact 319-297-6000 x102

Matt Hoover

IT Manager

Contact 319-297-6000 x150

Brad Sabin

Project Manager & Director of Hazardous Materials

Contact 641-425-6104

Matthew Walz


Contact 319-297-6000 x120

Lynne Edleman

Accounting Manager

Contact 319-297-6000 x122

Tami Coyle

Accounting Manager

Contact 319-297-6000 x121

Lisa Griffin

HR Manager

Contact 319-297-6000 x130

Rod Tudor

Chief Engineer

Contact 641-816-5870 x311

Dan Tegtmeier

Project Engineer

Contact 319-233-9702 x202

Jonah D. Sabin

Transportation Superintendent

Contact 319-297-6000 x140

Ian Learmonth

Operations Analyst

Contact 641-816-5870 x304

Bob Geary

Service Director

Contact 641-816-5870 x302

Shane Nolan


Matthew Fuller


Tyler Terhune


Randy Tharp

Mechanical Supervisor

Contact 319-233-9702 x210

Jason Aarons

General Foreman Locomotive

Contact 319-233-9702 x211

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Do you ship more than 3 truckloads to any destination in a week? Do your shipments move more than 300 miles? Is it becoming more difficult to get a truck to move your freight? Are your suppliers or customers accessible by rail?

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